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2 Workshops incl. Party 30,-€
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We are very happy to announce that for this event the Cologne Zouk Team, Bonn Zouk Team and Berlin Zouk Team are working together!

Jan and Saba from Berlin are coming to Köln and Bonn to dance and teach 4 workshops in total! During the days on Saturday and Sunday there will be outdoor dancing at Tanzplatte Bonn.

Below are the Bonn workshops:
19:45 - 20:45 : Leading & Following Principles
We are going to explore different principles of leading and following; from visual to physical, from body to hands, from soft-touch to counter-weight.

20:45 - 21:45 : Musicality - Deeper Listening into Practice 
From music theory into dance practice. We will explore concepts of music composition, arrangements, rhythms and beats. This workshop will give you the space to apply these as tools into your body movements effortlessly.

21:45 - End : DANCE - Zouk Party

We really want to bring everyone together and we hope to unite all the Zouk dancers to join on Friday in Köln and on Saturday in Bonn and during the day we expect all dancers of different dancestyles at Bonn Tanzplatte.

Pricing as Follows
2 hrs of Workshops incl. Dance (Köln or Bonn) 30€
4 hrs of Workshops incl. Dance (Köln and Bonn) 50€

Just Dance/ 1 Party (Köln or Bonn) 10€
Just Dance/ 2 Parties (Köln and Bonn) 15€

Outdoor dancing for free (organised by Stefan Klandt who always needs some helping hands)
Location for Workshops and Party:

Max 7; Maxstraße 7, 53111 Bonn

A little about Jan and Saba

Jan is an internationally performing dance artist and instructor. From an early age, dance has been an essential part of his life. He is trained in Capoeira, Brazilian Afro, Modern and Contemporary Dance, Eastern body-mind practices, Systemic Therapy and Brazilian Zouk.

Jan has partnered up with Saba since 2017. Starting as early as the age of six, Saba has a background in competitive gymnastics, Contemporary Dance and has performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Both are teaching regular classes and workshops, and are working together to grow the Zouk scene in Berlin. The two share a strong passion in dance and connecting with people. While creating a big family across the Globe, their loving aim is to spread Zouk as a means to communicate and deeply connect cross-culture with no borders, cultural boundaries or language barriers

Find out more on: http://modernzouk.com/

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